Ph.D Degree


Have overseas work experience


From the top 100 universities in the world


Full time faculties


International teachers

Position Rank

Professor /

Associate Professor /

Assistant Professor /


Annual Salary

We will provide a highly competitive salary, commensurate with experience and accomplishments.


We will provide a research start-up package, basic supportive funding, and a relocation reimbursement for qualified faculty.

RIOS Lab Opportunities

  1. High-performance RISC-V CPU Design

High-performance CPU design based on the advanced RISC-V architecture.

  1. Generative AI enhanced CPU Design

Generative AI based on pre-trained open-source LLM models such as LLaMA2 with further domain-data training and supervised fine-tuning to assist CPU design and EDA script generation.

  1. Open EDA

Full-chain open-source EDA(from RTL to GDS)and PDK, including advanced packaging and multiple foundry tape-outs, and some AI-driven automations as well.

  1. AI patents database

LLM based patents database with distributed storage, AI recommendation, and RIOS patents classification (RPC, a specific technology domain classification invented by RIOS), as well as specific domain machine translation and advanced SQL processings.