RISC-V Days Tokyo

RISC-V Days Tokyo is the largest physical and online RISC-V event held in Japan. The purpose of RISC-V Days Tokyo is to bring together the leading RISC-V technologies and products, key persons and engineers in the industry, and to provide opportunities for product recognition, collaboration among companies, technology exchange and information gathering. Participants will have the chance to explore the latest RISC-V products and technologies, network with key industry figures, and learn about the latest developments in RISC-V technology. Overall, RISC-V Days Tokyo promises to be an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in RISC-V technology.

Our student Zhu Yifei gave a talk “GreenRio: A modern RISC-V microprocessor designed entirely in an agile open source EDA flow” at the RISC-V Days Tokyo. The booming  RISC-V and open-source EDA ecosystem lower the threshold for CPU design. To facilitate a reliable chip manufacturing flow and prepare for future agile development, our students constructed a full-stack design methodology for modern processors in an open-source mode based on our experience in the efabless MPW-7 shuttle. We developed a 64-bit dual-issue, out-of-order RISC-V microprocessor “GreenRio”, and completed the back-end process of “RTL-Verification-GDS-Signoff” purely depending on the open-source EDA toolchain. we will share our experience and provide a complete set of tape-out strategy for modern RISCV processors from ASIC front-end to back-end. We will also propose some innovations and adaptations based on existing open resources. Moreover, we will compare commercial and open-source EDA tools from a modern processor design perspective, with the limitations and future optimizations of the open-source tool summarized.

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